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Can't get enough magic? Check out some of the neat things below to keep your favorite story with you throughout the day!

Note: All items are printed and shipped to order. Please also note that shipping charges are calculated per item, not per order. Shipping times average 2-5 business days from receipt of payment. For more information, see our refund policy.

Refund Policy:

As items are custom printed per individual order, refunds and exchanges due to ordering the incorrect item, size, color, or entering the incorrect shipping address are not accepted. Please be sure to carefully check your item size, color, and shipping address before placing your order. And, if you catch an error too late, consider gifting to a friend!


However, if there is a quality issue with your product or if you received an item other than the one you ordered, we’re always happy to make that right! Please contact us via the contact page or reach out at with the subject line “Order Error: [Your Name]” and describe the issue at hand. Order errors must be received within 30 days of receipt of payment to qualify for a refund or exchange.

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